5 Christmas gifts you didn't know you needed

Are you shopping for Christmas gifts? Are you completely clueless as to what to buy for that certain some? Look no further, at The Branded Gift Co. we have a plethora of unique, tasty and personalised chocolate gifts for everyone. Today, we thought we would round up a list of our top 5 Christmas gifts that you didn't know you needed, to give you some inspiration when shopping for Christmas.

5️⃣ Christmas Dairy Milk Share Pack 1.1kg

Our Christmas Dairy Milk Share Pack 1.1kg is a fantastic gift for a couple, who love their chocolate. This personalised box contains 10 x 110g Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolate bars. Add a name to the share pack which will be printed under 'Merry Christmas'.

4️⃣ Orange Twirl Favourites Hamper

Next on our list is our Orange Twirl Favourites Hamper. Know of a chocolate orange lover? This hamper is perfect for them. These bars are exclusive to us, meaning you won't find them anywhere else! The hamper contains 20 Orange Twirl bars, which sounds like a dream to any orange chocolate fan out there.

Orange Twirl Favourites Hamper

3️⃣ Personalised Toblerone Christmas Edition (360g)

At number three is our Personalised Toblerone Christmas Edition (360g). A legend in the chocolate world, all levelled up with the Christmas themed sleeve. Add a name on the front of the sleeve to add that little touch to the gift. P.S This Toblerone would make a great stocking gift.

Personalised Toblerone Christmas Edition (360g)

2️⃣ Photo Upload Milk Tray

Looking for a sentimental gift this Christmas? Take a look at our Photo Upload Milk Tray. Create a 'one of a kind' Milk Tray! Upload a photo of a special occasion, loved one, friend or company logo and we will incorporate it into the official Cadbury Milk Tray design.

Photo Upload Milk Tray

1️⃣ Cadbury Christmas Tree Decorations

Topping our list today is our Cadbury Christmas Tree Decorations. Sure to be a tasty Christmas Tree Decoration, this Christmas gift is sure to impress the kids or any guests on the day. You can even personalise the 6 chocolate bars to add that special touch.

Can't find what you're after? Take a look at our Christmas Gifts collection and browse our range of tasty, chocolate treats.

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