Reviewing our Orange Twirl Favourites Hamper

Here at The Branded Gift Co. our Orange Twirl Favourites Hamper is one of our most popular chocolate gifts available on our website and is a true fan favourite amongst everyone. So with that in mind, today I am going to review the Orange Twirl Favourites Hamper and let you know my thoughts on it!

What a midweek treat! Personally, I am a massive orange chocolate fan, so I was really looking forward to reviewing this. First off the packaging. The hamper contains 20 Orange Twirl Bars and the unboxing of the hamper was very satisfying. When I opened the hamper to unveil all 20 bars, my excitement doubled. Obviously I didn't have the time or stomach to eat all 20 bars at once but the sight alone made me even more excited to review it.

My first bite was everything I expected, it was delicious. The Twirl bar itself is yummy but a chocolate orange Twirl bar is second to none. The two swirly, orange chocolate fingers were so tasty (I even had an extra bar as a little treat). I would recommend this hamper to any chocolate fan out there!

Has this review got you craving some chocolate? All Hampers are currently 20% off for a limited time only. Make sure to get your orders in before Christmas so you can share these goodies with the ones you love. 

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