Our Top 3 Toblerone Gifts

At The Branded Gift Co, we are the original personalised Toblerone company. Meaning we have a pretty good eye (or taste) for a good Toblerone bar. We have a variety of different themed Toblerones so today, we thought we would compile a list of our best three!

3️⃣ Personalised Toblerone

Coming in at number 3 on our list today is our Personalised Toblerone. With the personalisation being printed on the removable sleeve of the bar, why not create your own Toblerone bar by adding a name or message of you choice (20 characters). This Toblerone bar is full of unique triangles of delicious milk chocolate, making it a great gift or treat to share with family and friends. We also have a White Chocolate edition of this bar available on our website.

2️⃣ Personalised Toblerone Mother's Day Edition

Next on our list is our Personalised Toblerone Mother's Day Edition. With Mother's Day slowly approaching, why not treat your Mother to a tasty Toblerone bar? Is your Mum a Toblerone fanatic? Add their name to the removable sleeve of the bar to make it an unforgettable, tasty Mother's Day gift.

1️⃣ Personalised Mini Mixed Toblerone Box 200g

And at number 1 on our list today is our brand new Personalised Mini Mixed Toblerone Box 200g. Personalise this box of mini Toblerones with a name or message of your choice.  The box contains an assortment of Swiss milk, white and dark chocolates with honey and almond nougat, making it any Toblerone lovers dream!

That's it, three of our favourite Toblerone products available on our website. Want to take a look out our Toblerone gifts? Choose from a selection of flavours to create your very own personalised Toblerone bar.

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