Our Top 3 Favourite Chocolate Brands

At The Branded Gift Co. we are all chocoholics. So, we believe we have a good eye (or taste) for some good ol' chocolate. With that in mind, we thought we would compile a list of our top three favourite chocolate brands, right now.

3️⃣ Crunchie

Third on our list today is Crunchie. This chunky, gold bar filled with delicious honeycomb is absolutely mouth-watering. Comprising of milk chocolate with a honeycomb center, the Crunchie was originally made all the way back in 1929 and remains a hugely popular snack.

2️⃣ Twirl

These two fingers of indulgent chocolatey swirls, wrapped in smooth Cadbury milk chocolate are a true chocolate icon. The Twirl is always a tasty treat after a long day. Fun fact, It's rumoured that the Twirl concept evolved from an over-spill flaw in the Flake manufacturing process.

1️⃣ Dairy Milk

Need we say anything else? This classic bar of deliciously creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate is the industry leader. There have been many variations but nothing beats the original (it's also a fan favourite here at The Branded Gift Co. HQ)

At The Branded Gift Co. we have all of these brands and more available on our site.


At The Branded Gift Co. we have all these and more of the worlds favourite chocolate brands, available on our website. Shop our Personalised Hampers collection to find your favourite brand.

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