6 Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

With Valentine's Day under a month away, we thought we would showcase our top 6 best chocolate gift ideas ready for Valentine's Day.

6️⃣ Valentine's Crunchie Hamper

Coming in at number 6 on our list today is our Valentine's Crunchie Hamper. Containing 20 bars of chunky, gold crunchie bars, this hamper will blow your significant others' socks off! With the option to personalise the outer sleeve, this is a must-need gift for any Crunchie fanatic out there.

5️⃣ Valentine's Wispa Hamper

Next on our list is our Valentine's Wispa Hamper. Design this hamper especially for your loved one. The Wispa bar is a delicious chocolate bar, filled with the tiniest chocolatey bubbles! To top this all off, why not go the extra mile and personalise the chocolate hamper with your name and the name of your loved one.

4️⃣ Personalised Toblerone Love Heart Edition

Next is our Personalised Toblerone Love Heart Edition. This one goes out to all the Toblerone lovers out there! Does your loved one have a soft spot for the Toblerone bar? Then this is perfect for them. Why not add their name to the removable sleeve to add that special touch. Why not check out our Personalised Toblerone Love Heart Edition - White Chocolate aswell!


3️⃣ Valentine's Twirl Hamper

At number three on our list is our Valentine's Twirl Hamper. This unique bar, containing two tasty, chocolatey fingers is a fan favourite amongst chocolate lovers in the UK and we couldn't agree more. Personalise the hamper with their name, your name and a lovely little message to let them know how much they mean to you!

2️⃣ Valentine's Dairy Milk Hamper

Next on our list is our Valentine's Dairy Milk Hamper. This classic bar filled with creamy Cadbury Dairy Milk milk chocolate is above the rest! We all know someone who is obsessed with the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar. Containing 20 Dairy Milk bars, this hamper is sure to impress.


1️⃣ Photo Upload Milk Tray

Coming in at number 1 on our list today is our Photo Upload Milk Tray. We're taking personalisation to the next level with this one! Upload a photo of your choice and create a 'one of a kind' Milk Tray. 

So that's that! 6 of our best gift ideas ready for Valentine's Day. If your still in need of someone extra inspiration, click here to see all of our Valentine's gifts.

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